DC Splitter Panels for UPS Bypass Switches

120VDC Splitter Panels are used to break the battery set into separate banks of a maximum of 8 x Batteries for service work. This reduces the maximum potential voltage within the battery set to 120vdc between any 2 x points.120VDC Splitter

RB1’s DC Splitter Panels are designed to be used with a UPS Bypass Switch and are available in 2 pole and 3 pole versions.

We recommend ONLY fitting these panels on a battery rack due to the volume of cables. Do not underestimate the additional cabling time required to install these panels. You will need one of these panels for every battery string. For multiple strings, you may need to wire to a fused transition panel and then to the UPS system.

All of our DC Splitter Panels are made at our site using only the best components, so we know they come from quality sources. If you require a DC Splitter Panel or just want to ask for some information about them, you can contact us here.