Our Range Of UPS Switchgear:

  • UPS External Bypass Panels
  • N+1 UPS External Bypass Panels
  • DC Fused Transition Panels
  • Mains to Mains ATS Panels
  • 120vdc Battery Splitter Panels
  • DC MCCB Panels
  • Bespoke, UPS Related Electrical Engineering

1:1 Rack Mount EMBS

(Up to 63A Available)

2/3 Phase Slimline EMBS

(Up to 63A Available)

2/3 Phase EMBS With Key Interlock

(Up to 80A Available)

2/3 Phase EMBS

(Up to 125A Available)

2/3 Phase 125A Dual Input EMBS

(Up to 400A Available)

2/3 Phase N+1 EMBS

(Up to 400A Available)

2/3 Phase EMBS

(Up to 400A Available)

2/3 Phase Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Panels

(Up to 250A Available)

160A Fuse Disconnector Solution

(Up to 1250A Available)

DC Fused Transition Panels

(Up to 400A Available)

120VDC Battery String

Splitter Solutions

(Up To 400A)

2/3 Phase EMBS

(Up to 800A Available)

Bespoke Solutions Also Available

Please Contact Us

As an ISO9001 Register manufacturer, We produce a selection of AC bypass panels and DC transition boxes. AC Panels up to 125A can be processed and dispatched usually within 2 working days, for those last-minute orders give us a call, we can usually accommodate last-minute requests.

Typical Panel Features:

  • Fully Branded As Your Product
  • Your Logo and Contact Details Laser Engraved on the internal cover
  • Mechanical Interlock as standard (Typical NO/NC MCB Aux Can Be Fitted on Request)
  • IP2X Voltage Measurement Points On All MCBs (No Live Working During Service Visits)
  • Top + Bottom Cable Access
  • IP Rated Enclosure
  • All Labels Laser Engraved and Mechanically Fixed (No Adhesives)
  • Full Electrical Drawings Available With Your Logo (Just Ask On Order)
  • Typical Lead Time Less than 3 days (Up to 125A)
  • 24/7 Technical Phone and Email Support

Please get in touch if you would be interested in a copy of our current AC or DC panel price list.

We have full Onshape/Solidworks 3D CAD and Laser CNC + Plasma CNC Facilities so we can also offer additional services from UPS IP Rated Cowls to Equipment Plinths. We can also produce full 3D room layouts when the job requires a high level of accuracy.