Advantages of a rackmount bypass

External maintenance rackmount bypass panels differentiate from bypass panels as they are installed into a rack. Our rack mount bypass panels are made to order at RB1, there are benefits among all options of bypass panels however rackmount EMBS’s stand out due to their key features. These key features include, versatility, scalability, and ease of integration.

Space Optimisation

By having your EMBS solution in a rack mounted installation, it enables businesses with space constraints to optimise their space usage. Applications and sectors typically opting for a rackmount bypass switch are: data centres, server rooms, and other facilities with limited space or currently have a rackmount UPS system.

Rackmount EMBS

Scalable Architecture

While being optimised for space, the rackmount bypass solutions allow for continuous growth and expansion to grow with your applications power requirements evolve. Whether adding new equipment or upgrading your current infrastructure our solutions can be easily scaled to accommodate changing requirements to ensure long-term compatibility.

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Enhanced Flexibility

One of the key advantages of rackmount bypass solutions is their flexibility in deployment. Whether used as standalone units or integrated into existing rack configurations, these solutions offer unparalleled versatility. They can be easily installed alongside UPS systems, PDUs (Power Distribution Units), and other rack-mounted equipment, providing a comprehensive power management solution tailored to specific requirements.

Simplified Maintenance

Rackmount bypass solutions streamline maintenance and servicing operations, reducing downtime and minimising disruptions to critical systems. With front-access design features and hot-swappable components, these solutions enable rapid replacement and troubleshooting, ensuring uninterrupted power availability without the need for extensive downtime or system reconfiguration.

Improved Reliability

By providing a dedicated bypass path for UPS systems, rackmount bypass solutions enhance system reliability and fault tolerance. In the event of UPS maintenance or failure, bypass functionality enables seamless transition to utility power without disrupting critical loads, ensuring continuous operation and preventing potential data loss or system downtime.

3P DC Isolation / Transition Now Available!

3P DC Isolation / Transition Now Available! 
Following on with the success of our 2P Combined DC / Transition Panel, we’re happy to announce the release of the 3P variant of this panel.
✅ Solutions rated up to 160A (Plans to expand this shortly!)
✅ Support for 3 strings in both 2P and 3P systems

Every panel proudly features:
🔹 Internal acrylic covers for bus bars
🔹Comprehensive acrylic interior coverage (IP2X Rated)
🔹Secure, lockable enclosure
🔹Clearly marked internal labeling
🔹 Essential warning labels, inside and out
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We’re eager to explore bespoke-made solutions just for you.

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