Combined DC Isolation / Fuse Transition panel

We’re thrilled to reintroduce our combined DC Isolation / Fuse Transition panel, now at even more competitive pricing! Dive into the specs:
✅ Solutions rated up to 160A
✅ Support for 3 strings in 2P systems, and 2 strings in 3P systems (Plans to expand this shortly!).

Every panel proudly features:
🔹 Internal acrylic covers for bus bars
🔹 Comprehensive acrylic interior coverage (IP2X Rated)
🔹 Secure, lockable enclosure
🔹 Clearly marked internal labeling
🔹 Essential warning labels, inside and out

Need something a bit different? Whether it’s additional strings or a higher rating, please reach out. We’re eager to explore bespoke-made solutions just for you.

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